Evaluate facial trauma

How are facial fractures treated? Some types of facial fractures are relatively minor, but others may cause irreversible damage and can even be life-threatening. Evaluate facial trauma cases where there are complex fractures of the midface LeFort fracturestwo-dimensional face CT scans and 3-dimensional reconstructive scans may be required for diagnosis or before surgery to improve evaluate outcome during facial reconstructive surgery. Fractures to the cheekbone s might also involve breaks in facial trauma facial bones nearby. Fractures may be unilateral occurring on one side of the face or bilateral both sides of the face.

Evaluate facial trauma
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Evaluate facial trauma

Facial Fractures

The doctor will prescribe antibiotics if there is a high risk of infection. An injury may cause the bone to be indented pushed inward. Swelling in the area might make it more difficult to assess how much damage has occurred. It takes less force to break the nasal bones than other facial bones because they are thin and prominent. Evaluate facial trauma of the mandible may be accompanied by broken or loose teeth.

Evaluate facial trauma
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Multiple fractures are more likely to occur during a motor vehicle accident or other high-impact accident. This document was last reviewed on: If the measured distance between the eyes is greater than normal, it may indicate a nasoethmoid fracture. A physician will check to see if there is anything blocking the airways or nasal passages, assess pupil size and reactions, and look for any damage to the central nervous system. Fractures of the nose may evaluate facial trauma it difficult for the injured person to breathe or smell.

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Evaluate facial trauma
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Evaluate facial trauma

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