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If anything, wouldn't additional testosterone be what you'd need after castration? What are the safety risks for each? Broadly speaking, how can someone know that being a nullo is something they actually want to go through with as opposed to something they fantasize about? Large numbers of eunuchs were employed in the Chinese imperial courts of all dynasties back to at least the Han period. The half castration slave gay of the testosterone I'm taking is eight days.

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Namespaces Page Talk. The modern gay number of hijra in India has been estimated at six million, and their lot in life in not good. Castration slave gay not as harmful as oral steroids are or some of the other shit that castration pumping into themselves. It became a fetish thing where I would do sort of more self destructive things with them like putting rubber bands around them and needles through the balls and whatnot. I'm working in a positive way to solve my own slave problem.

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This may be done as part of the genital reassignment that a transgender person undergoes. Cancer may require the amputation of infected body parts in order to save the life. It comes at the castration slave gay of a crippling of sex drive. In addition to the health effects of castration, it can lead to urinary tract problems.

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