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First, the lovely Teri had to suffer still more bloody acts of cruelty. The barbs dug into the flesh and ripped lovely bloody gouges from Teri's creamy udders. Four sets of very sharp teeth, ripping into writhing screaming girl flesh

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It was nice sometimes to actually struggle with an unbound victim, to really have to exert yourself to hold the bitch still while she was being tortured. More Links He grinned as the wriggling bare bottom writhed back even harder into his groin when the knife sank to the hilt low in her stomach, then the upwards jerk, the sudden smell of violated guts, and the choking gurgle as blood erupted from the tortured girls mouth and her wide open eyes bulged just that little bit more as her brain told her she was dying. Four sets of very sharp teeth, ripping into writhing screaming girl flesh

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She had just smashed a hammer onto Teri's little toe, splattering blood from the tip where the nail had been split and driven deep into the broken bones. Her short Hitler Youth shirt was all she seemed to be wearing, and Teri saw the girl playing with herself, sliding two fingers in and out of her obviously wet and excited young cunt. Wait your fucking turn, bitch.

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Up in the watchtower, both men had their cocks out, wanking with one hand, trying to keep the binoculars steady with the other, evil smiles on their sweaty faces. She could do absolutely nothing to prevent this brutal attack on her body, the cruel ropes holding her legs wide apart to offer her womanhood to the invader. They watched Bernice carve off Teri's red triangle of pussy hair together with her labia lips, putting that to one side so it could be cured to make a cunt purse later, then helped her slit open Teri's belly and cut out her womb, killing her in the process. She smelled like a woman, she had little perky tits staring to sprout, she had a shapely little body